Trading Risk Investor Guide H1 2017

TRIG spring 2017 Trading Risk was first launched in 2008 just before the crux of the financial crisis - a period that was ultimately to boost the fortunes of the ILS market, as it showed the value of a truly non-correlating asset class.

When I first joined the firm and began writing about the reinsurance markets in 2010, I had never even heard of the industry or considered the concept of insurance companies buying insurance - let alone ILS hedge funds providing this protection.

But the industry's crucial role in the financial sector was hammered home to me just a year later, when major earthquakes in Japan and my home country of New Zealand hit the headlines.

It was clear enough to see that the financial fallout from such catastrophes can take years to recover from, and that it can be crucial to have help from reinsurers and ILS managers to smooth out the costs of a disaster over the longer-term.

That means, of course, that ILS managers must be able to win long-term support and trust from their investors. ILS is not an asset class for all - it is for institutional investors that have the wherewithal to withstand major losses when they come, because they will hit at some point.

Our hope with this Investor Guide is that it will help ILS managers, pension fund consultants and investors in the process of creating this trust and building up the long-term strength of the asset class. Our aim is to provide educational material and independent analysis of market trends that will inform both existing and potential investors in the market.

Please do get in touch with your feedback - and enjoy the read here.

Fiona Robertson,

Trading Risk editor


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